Treatments of Lakes / Littorals and Algae Control

ESU provides extensive experience and exceptional service on lake projects from large inland reservoirs to coastal saltwater impoundments to small storm water lagoons – from the middle of the state to the coast. Our assessment process includes; aquatic plant surveys, wetland plant installations, water quality assessments and more. We know that each client and each lake is different and strive to customize our operations so that every process is as unique as the lake we service.

Aquatic Vegetation

Excessive aquatic vegetation and algae can affect more than the visual appeal of your lake. Fishing and other recreational uses can also be adversely affected. ESU is experienced in the identification and treatment of aquatic plants with aquatic herbicides. We are trained and licensed through the State and use only USEPA certified aquatic herbicides to minimize environmental impact. Alternative aquatic- vegetation management strategies will be used when viable.

EPA water quality guidelines

2012 Recreational Water Quality Criteria

2012 Recreational Water Quality Criteria Fact Sheet ( PDF)

Reports and References - Bacterial Water Quality Standards for Recreational Waters (Freshwater and Marine Waters)

Specializing In

  • Preserve Restoration
  • Dune Restoration
  • Invasive Plant Remove
  • Aquatic Vegetation / Algae removal

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Key Services

Upland and Wetland Creation / Restoration

Plant / Tree Installation Lake and Littoral Shelf Plant Installation
& Maintenance

Treatments of Lakes / Littorals
and Algae Control

Property / Landscape Maintenance
(mowing, tree trimming, hedging etc.)

Preserves / Natural Area Management

Environmental Compliance Assistance

Mangrove Installation / Trimming & Management

Erosion Control Coastal Dune /
Shoreline & Spoil Island Restoration

Environmental Consulting



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