Erosion Control Coastal Dune &
Shoreline & Spoil Island Restoration

A natural dune system is a series of vegetated ridges, which are created by wind and waves. These forces move sand landward, where vegetation grows, trapping the sand. As sand accumulates, the vegetation continues to grow, and a network of roots is created to anchor the sand. As more sand is deposited on the land, the dune field begins to migrate and new dunes are formed. Dunes are dynamic. They provide protection from storms, habitat for wildlife, and a recreational attraction for tourists. Dunes protect coastal towns from strong
winds and waves during storms. They are a part of the coastal ecosystem and support a diversity of plants and wildlife. They also attract visitors to our shorelines for recreation and tourism. Restoring vegetation on coastal dunes is important because vegetation helps stabilize dunes and provides essential habitat and food for many species of wildlife including endangered species.


Specializing In

  • Preserve Restoration
  • Dune Restoration
  • Invasive Plant Remove
  • Aquatic Vegetation / Algae removal

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Key Services

Upland and Wetland Creation / Restoration

Plant / Tree Installation Lake and Littoral Shelf Plant Installation
& Maintenance

Treatments of Lakes / Littorals
and Algae Control

Property / Landscape Maintenance
(mowing, tree trimming, hedging etc.)

Preserves / Natural Area Management

Environmental Compliance Assistance

Mangrove Installation / Trimming & Management

Erosion Control Coastal Dune /
Shoreline & Spoil Island Restoration

Environmental Consulting



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